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Worldviz solution is the only immersion ready virtual reality solutions available on market, allowing the user to begin running VR applications immediately. It is the ultimate high-performance platform with everything you need to create and experience interactive walking virtual reality applications. The VizMove product line consists primarily of two products -VizMove Walking VR and VizMove Projection VR.

  • VizMove Walking VR – The Walking VR system uses a VR Headset (Head-mounted-display) to view virtual content.
  • VizMove Projection VR – Projection VR uses 3D projectors for group viewing of content.

All VizMove systems include Vizard Software, PPT Motion Tracking System, and our Wand. In summary, these pieces build a complete virtual reality solution that no other company can provide.

  • Vizard is our premier virtual reality development platform that has everything you need to build complete, interactive 3D content. It is unmatched in the breadth of immersive 3D VR features and the depth of industry specializations.
  • PPT is a high-precision motion tracking system ideal for wide-area immersive virtual reality settings.

The Wand is a wireless navigation and interaction controller, allowing for easy and intuitive interaction within virtual environment

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