Showcasing Vizible meeting (VR Collaboration Session) at Janadriyah Event 02/11/2018 at 7 PM.

VR platform for Education and Training.
Harness the power of VR to train and learn more effectively.

Creation: The Vizible Presentation Designer lets users create immersive VR training. No coding..

Collaboration: You can hold captivating online classes or training inside the presentations, in VR.
Create VR Presentations: Teachers, trainers, and students can create VR experiences and make them accessible around the world. 3D models, 360 photos/videos, and more.
Present in VR: Meet with students or trainees in VR to guide them through an experience you’ve developed.
Analyze your Success: Review trainings or classes via recording to revisit them and iterate.
Communicate Better: Captivate and immerse your audience with natural ease.
Learn: Increase learning outcomes by creating memorable learning experiences that occupy 100% of your prospect’s attention.
Save Money: Reduce physical travel by meeting virtually, without compromising personal touch. VR gives online gatherings a sense of space and presence.

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