A 360 Virtual Tour is a full color 360 Degree View of an interior or exterior of a property. It’s made by taking several 360 panoramic photographs of your establishment and stitching them together to produce a very wide photo, which is then inserted into a “viewer”. This is then ready for your assets management, publishing online and offline.


Features in Virtual Tour

  • Pre-loader and interface design Special effects, such as rain, lens flare etc
  • Optimized virtual tours for quick viewing over internet.
  • Definition and description of the views in Arabic and English.
  • Control points to navigate the virtual tour Hot spots in virtual tour Logo of the Client and address in all the views of virtual tours.
  • Hot Links to Navigate between related virtual tours Optimal and full screen views
  • Virtual tours in Flash, Quick Time and Java Full control of views, zoom out and in, rewind, fast forward, etc

Additional Services can be provided in Virtual Tour Services

  • HTML5 Virtual Tour for Android and iOS
  • JpegXR format for fast loading of VT
  • Gyro effect – Virtual tour rotate automatically when your hands move
  • Hotspot Perspective Effect
  • Locate your position in virtual tour
  • Link the panorama with Google/Bing Map
  • Flash Animation for loading window
  • Description components
  • Media Components
  • Control Buttons
  • Day to Night features
  • Hotspot and Radar features
  • Multilingual Tours
  • Customization on the right click
  • Popup window